Call About Group Tours Rates

Birders, prepare for bird watching at its best

Water birds, Woodland, and Raptors 

Guided tours are available and are priced for the everyday or seasoned birder. You will have a Biologist with you that is a seasoned Ornithologist. There are four-hour or six-hour tours provided with lunch included.

Our tours will give you the best chance to see and photograph your favorite birds on your trip. 

At the wetland sites we will set up a spotting scope with a camera port for some up-close memories. Due to the vastness of the Preserve, we have the most diverse population of birds in the area. This is a trip you won't soon forget.


4-hour tour (with snack and lunch): $65.00 ea (includes daily membership)

6-hour tour (with snack and lunch): $115.00 ea (includes daily membership)

If you want a weekend trip with a camp site, call for pricing.



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