Archery is one of the fastest growing sports in the USA and new shooters are starting everyday. At Blackwater Preserve we have set up a very competitive course.

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Range Fees

Daily Rates: $20.00 Per Day ( includes daily membership)

​Full Membership To Blackwater Preserve.

The Range Is Included.

Full Student Membership: $25.00 Per Month

Full Individual Membership: $35.00 Per Month

Full Family Membership $50.00 Per Month 

Archery Range 3D targets

Our archery range is one of the best in Georgia. The size of the area alone lets you feel that you are hunting. The range has 14 3D targets that are set from 45 to 20 yards giving you the feeling of a true time honored sport. Classes on shooting will be given by appointment to new archers or anyone that wishes to learn. We invite you to come out and see what we have to offer. The range gives you a safe place to work on your skills.

We are a family friendly range and we hope that everyone that is a member will have great memories of their time at Blackwater Archery Range. 

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